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About Us

Longeviti is a neuro-technology company with a focus on innovative solutions for complex brain surgeries.



Longeviti is combining principles of craniofacial reconstruction with functional neurosurgical implants so patients can receive optimal aesthetic, biocompatible, and therapeutic outcomes.



Longeviti and its partners are working on various multi-functional designs that will enable holistic approaches to the most complex neurological disorders.



Longeviti and its partners are expecting to deliver the world’s first customizable power platform, designed to meet the needs of all ages and therapeutics relating to neurological disorders.

ClearFit 2018 Product Launch

In 2018, Longeviti Neuro Solutions (Longeviti) announced the U.S. commercial launch of its novel ClearFit™ implant solution to correct and/or restore bony voids or defects of the cranium. This unique, clear, patient-specific implant enables neurosurgeons to see neuroanatomy and critical functional components beneath the ClearFit once it is implanted. 

Our Team

Longeviti was founded by a team of leading medical device industry executives, neuro surgeons, plastic surgeons, and biomedical engineers. Our team collaborates closely with industry and academia to develop and commercialize implantable neuro surgical devices.

Our Collaborators

Our collaborators share in the vision of long-term, multi-functional, and customizable devices that have the flexibility to help individual patients who have a combination of neurological disorders. Through these collaborations, we are assisting in life-changing projects, including sight-restoration through neuro receptors and extending life expectancies of patients with aggressive neuro tumors. This work is intrinsically satisfying to each of our employees, and is at the root of our core mission, “To extend the duration and quality of human lives through advanced neurotechnology.”

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