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Longeviti was founded by leading medical device industry executives, biomedical engineers, and multidisciplinary surgeons. Our team collaborates closely with industry and academia to bring promising neurotherapies from the lab to the commercial market.

Jesse Christopher

Jesse Christopher, MBA


Jesse Christopher is a 15-year medical device industry executive with industry-leading management, sales, and marketing experience. Before founding Longeviti Neuro Solutions, LLC in 2016, he was a market leader within Stryker (SYK) in the fields of Custom Cranial Implants (CCIs), Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP), and Craniomaxillofacial (CMF) industries ($100 million+ in sales). Jesse created the strategic vision for the Longeviti’s product lines, market strategy, business model, valuation, and growth.  His primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations, capital management and overarching company performance. He is also responsible for reporting to investors. Jesse has a MBA from Johns Hopkins.

Lewis (Lew) Parker


As a turnaround specialist with a long history working with medical firms specializing in orthopedics, Lew was the former Chief Financial Officer of Hazleton Laboratories, President of Kirshner Medical, Board Member of Interpore International, DJ Orthopaedics, and Co-Founder and Director of K2M (KTWO) and American Osteomedix. In addition to serving as Longeviti’s Chairman of the Board, he also serves as a board member for several public companies and startups, and is a strategic adviser to K2M. Lew received his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Lehigh University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Chad Gordon

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Chad Gordon is the pioneer behind the emerging field known as “Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery“. As an internationally recognized expert in cranioplasty reconstruction and custom skull implants. Dr. Gordon is the Section Chief of Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Johns Hopkins, Director for the Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery fellowship, Professor of Plastic Surgery and Neurological Surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and Principal Investigator of the Neuroplastic Surgery Laboratory. He also chairs the Annual Harvard-Hopkins Neuroplastic Surgery Symposium and is the inaugural President for the Society of Neuroplastic Surgery. Dr. Gordon has performed several “first-in-human” surgeries with state-of-the-art cranial implants and holds numerous patents for patient-specific craniofacial implants and computer-assisted/robot-assisted technologies.

Chad Gordon

John Andres

Board Member

John has more than thirty years of experience as an attorney and entrepreneur in the medical device industry. In addition to serving on Longeviti’s Board of Directors, John currently also serves on the Board of Directors for Apyx Medical Corporation which is a maker of a surgical device for cosmetic surgery. John is currently Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel of electroCore, Inc., which makes an electrical stimulation device to treat severe headaches. Since 2004, John has been a private consultant specializing in patent and business strategy development and execution, working mostly with smaller companies and start-ups. From 2004 to 2010, John helped found K2M, Inc.; a spinal implant company; and served on the company’s Board of Directors. He started his career in New York with a patent law firm and went in house with U.S. Surgical in 1989. John has an Associate of Science Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, a Bachelor of Arts from Lehigh University, and a Juris Doctor from Pace University Law School.

Chad Gordon

Matt Swartz

Board Member

For more than 25 years, Matt has been an experienced advisor to growth companies and assists buyers and sellers in exit transactions, including IPOs and M&A.  During his career, he has served as a corporate director of successful growth companies, including nPulse Technologies (sold to FireEye) and UltiSat (sold to SpeedCast).  He is recognized by Chambers & Partners as among the best M&A lawyers in the greater Washington area and has published numerous articles and two books on the topic. In 2019, the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission invited him to address the effect of proposed rule changes on M&A exits for growth companies. Matt began his career in corporate development for a biotechnology company (later sold to Agilent) and began his legal career in Silicon Valley.  He holds B.A. and J.D. degrees from the University of California.

Todd Johnson

Todd Johnson, MBA

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Todd Johnson has a BA in Business Management from Gettysburg College and an MBA in Marketing from Saint Joseph’s University. Todd brings over 20 years of experience to his position as Longeviti Neuro Solutions Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He is responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities for the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia. His responsibilities include the development of Longeviti’s strategic partnerships, distribution channels, creation of growth strategies and successful business solutions for branding and positioning of the product lines as well as organize, develop, and grow the sales organization. Todd works closely with, surgeons, clinicians, medical device manufacturers and distributors, technology business managers, as well as research and development partners around the globe.

Brad Rabinovitz

Brad Rabinovitz

Vice President of Research and Business Development

Brad Rabinovitz holds the position of Vice President of Research and Business Development at Longeviti Neuro Solutions. Brad is a 15-year medical industry veteran responsible for collaborative neuro device research and development. In his position with Longeviti, Brad collaborates closely with community members from academia, surgeons, medical doctors, and industry experts to define next generation neuro device requirements and then translates their input into product development. Through close collaboration with leading surgeons he has contributed substantive and innovative developments in craniomaxillofacial and neurosurgery through an innovative algorithm to improve outcome in craniofacial reconstruction. In his position at Longeviti, Brad conducts a multi-year research program of considerable depth and complexity. His role includes directing Longeviti’s collaborative design, research, and development, prototype manufacturing, test, evaluation, publication, FDA approval, operations and production.

Denise Genuit

Denise Genuit

Vice President of Human Resources and Communications

With more than 25 years of leadership experience in the medical and dental industry, Denise Genuit is responsible for directing all staff functions in accordance with the policies and practices of Longeviti Neuro Solutions, including the ethical and social consciences of business and society.  As Vice President of Human Resources and Communications, she oversees all recruitment and promotion of the company as an employer of choice. One of her main priorities is employee retention as well as ensuring competitive compensation and benefits to attract highly qualified applicants. As part of her communications role, she is responsible for employee communications, community relations, public relations, and customer outreach. She promotes the concept of continuous improvement to enable staff to perform effectively and efficiently, and makes sure they are provided the best tools and opportunities necessary for growth opportunities and long range-range planning.

Keith Daily

Corbin Clawson

Director of Engineering

Corbin comes to us from Medimmune, where he managed engineering teams focused on drug delivery devices, nano particles, and other med-device projects. He received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, and his post graduate degrees including his PhD in Bio Engineering from UC San Diego. Corbin is responsible for leading the engineering team and contributing to device development and regulatory planning and execution.

Neil Christopher

Neil Christopher

Chief Technologist

Neil Christopher, is the Longeviti Director of Government Programs. Neil has over 25 years of public and private service in technology management, research and development, systems engineering, software development, and manufacturing engineering. His deep and diverse technology background includes research and development at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, artificial Intelligence as a Systems Engineer at Texas Instruments, and large-scale technology systems acquisition for the Department of Defense. Neil has written expert system software, published a dozen articles and papers, patented an automotive brake system, and was on editorial board of the Journal of Technology Transfer. He has a BS Mechanical Engineering from University of Texas, Arlington and a MS Technology Management from the University of Maryland, University College Executive Program.

Heather Henneberry

Heather Hourihan

Program Manager

Heather Hourihan provides significant support for product design, manufacturing, program management, test and evaluation, and documentation. She develops and evaluates procedures to ensure efficiency in research, development, and operations from initial requirements, to prototyping to product development. She identifies design and manufacturing requirements and sources new materials and equipment for manufacturing. She manages the CAD work process, develops and control deadlines, budgets, and activities, and is responsible for formulating, organizing, and monitoring projects.

Keith Daily

Keith Daily

Facilities Laboratory Manager

Keith Daily brings an extensive history of medical laboratory work supporting surgeons and medical industry professionals in the development of, and training in state of the art medical procedures. Keith has over 18 years of experience in the medical industry. He started at Johns Hopkins Hospital working for the department of surgery as an Implant Specialist. He then went on to become the Assistant Director of Vista Labs in Baltimore, Maryland. At Longeviti, Keith manages day-to-day lab materials, manufacturing processes, and prototype development. Due to is highly successful and proficient history in the fabrication of implantable devices; he is also responsible for both prototype and production development.

Jeff Waclawski

Jeff Waclawski

Senior Production Manager

Jeff Waclawski is the Longeviti Production Manager. He provides critical and essential technical and design support to research, development, prototyping, and production. Jeff brings an extensive history of successful design and manufacturing of highly technical components to this effort. He is highly successful and proficient in the use of CAD to design custom implant models. His device manufacturing includes creating CAD models from CT scans, creation of 3D printed molds, and fabrication of implantable devices. He is responsible for developing projects into production and creating production processes to ensure that manufacturing runs reliably and efficiently.

Wilbert Pierce

Wilbert Pierce

Design and Additive Manufacturing Associate II

Wilbert “Will” Pierce joined the Longeviti team in the spring of 2017. Will studied art and sculpture at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art in 2009. He then attended Fullsail University where he earned a Bachelors degree in computer science and design in 2017. He assists in the production process within the lab as well as creating graphic designs for many of the marketing pieces Longeviti produces.

Adam Watson

Adam Watson

Clinical Expert

Adam Watson began his career with Longeviti Neuro Solutions as the first intern during the summer of 2016. He graduated from Hartwick College in 2017 with a BS in Business Administration while playing four years of D3 collegiate football. Adam brings over 8 years of customer service experience to his position at Longeviti as a marketing associate. At Longeviti Adam assists with the planning and execution of marketing and sales activities. Adam supports the marketing department by carrying out daily tasks to keep the department functioning and facilitate the duties of the Sales Manager and account executives.

Adam Watson

Charity Huggins

Research Associate

As a result of earning a B.S. in Biology with concentration is Molecular & Cellular Chemistry, Biopsychology and Neuroscience from York College of Pennsylvania, Charity Huggins’ research experience spans physical, biological, behavioral, and medical science disciplines. First joining the Longeviti team as a research and laboratory intern in 2016, Charity has brought over a decade of social work, disability support, and special education experience to her position in developmental research, shaping a wide perspective and vested interested in biocompatibility and patient well-being. Having tutored research & design, scientific writing and STEM subjects at the collegiate level, she is responsible for producing testing, manufactural, and design documentation, conducting and assisting in experimental, retrospective, and case studies, literature reviews, and meta-analyses alongside medical and academic professionals, functioning as laboratory support, and managing various administrative tasks to ensure that the operations and program management departments run efficiently.

Adam Watson

Jason Danner

QMS Coordinator

Jason Danner graduated West Chester University in 2010 with a B.S. in Biology and a concentration in microbiology. Prior to Longeviti, Jason worked for 7 years as a quality technician and a supplier-quality team leader at Dentsply Prosthetic. At Longeviti, Jason is the Document Coordinator. He is tasked with ensuring that the quality management system is up to date and in compliance with FDA and ISO standards. He also develops documents such as SOPs, document templates, manufacturing procedures, and other documents related to the regulatory system. In addition, Jason is responsible for performing internal audits of Longeviti’s quality system and works to implement a fully functional electronic system for the QMS.

Jimmy Shah

Biomedical Systems Engineer

Jimmy is a graduate of Emory University and Georgia Tech where he earned degrees in biology and biomedical engineering. He joins Longeviti as the biomedical systems engineer where he is responsible for medical device design, development, and testing in conformance with company strategy, research, and product development agenda.


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