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Letter from Longeviti Neuro Solutions

Dear Hydrocephalus Association, community members, patients, parents and caregivers,

Longeviti Neuro Solutions would like to thank the incredible number of people who participated in our recent distributed survey.

Together we had over 1,000 responses and received tremendously insightful feedback! The goal of the survey was to better understand the clinical needs and preferences of the hydrocephalus community and we heard you.

We would like to assure all those participated that we are indeed working to address some of the very significant issues identified in your responses. This survey was aimed specifically to address a subset of those concerns, which may actually lead to future overall treatment options. 

We are hopeful that continued participation in future surveys will allow us all to reach more expeditious solutions for the many complex issues surrounding Hydrocephalus.

Additionally, Longeviti, has, is, and, and will continue to support research and development efforts that aim to add critical functions to current hydrocephalus management treatments.

Again, we greatly appreciate your feedback. It is essential for us all to share in this communication if we are, together, going to create ideal neuro solutions.


Jesse Christopher

Co-Founder and CEO

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