InvisiShunt 2018 Product Launch

Longeviti Introduces the InvisiShunt® Surgical Implant That Restores the Skull’s Natural Contour at the 2018 HA CONNECT Conference

The InvisiShunt® offers the first new surgical approach to address both the physical and quality of life concerns facing patients.

Longeviti Neuro Solutions (Longeviti) today announced the launch of its novel InvisiShunt® surgical implant solution at the 15th National Conference on Hydrocephalus: HA CONNECT, marking the product’s national launch in the United States.   

InvisiShunt is a neurosurgical implant that is surgically placed in the cranium to restore its natural contour while maintaining its proper position. A common challenge with current technologies that are surgically inserted is that the devices vary in shape and size which can change the shape of the cranium. This can result in cranial deformities, which is often the cause of social stigma.

“For many patients who have undergone a neurosurgical procedure that have resulted in cranial deformities, there is now an implantable solution for restoring those patients with normal symmetry,” said Jesse Christopher, Co-Founder and CEO of Longeviti. “The InvisiShunt was designed as an alternative for patients who prefer a normal contour to their scalp post-surgery.”

InvisiShunt has been designed to alleviate cranial contour complications commonly associated with certain neurosurgical procedures. It is available in various shapes and sizes to fit different areas of the craniofacial skeleton to support unique location and orientation while reversing cranial contour deformities.

The InvisiShunt uses high-density, porous, polyethylene OmniPore® material to allow the surgeon to safely and easily augment the device at the site of surgery to restore the natural contour of the cranium as well as minimize cosmetic abnormalities. In addition to the new InvisiShunt suite of implants, Longeviti also includes step-by-step instructions and cutting guides for the implant to enable successful implantation.

“In patients living with chronic shunted hydrocephalus, multiple shunt revisions over years can result in a compromised scalp and in cranial defects that result in pain or skin breakdown,” said Mark Luciano MD PhD, Johns Hopkins Hospital. “The ability to maintain a normal skull contour with reduction of the shunt’s profile may provide the patient more comfort and less chance of skin erosion and exposure. The InvisiShunt may provide a solution allowing a secure and customized recessed for shunt components.” 

Approximately 60% of patients say that it is important for the head to be the same shape before and after surgery, according to a recent survey from the Hydrocephalus Association. Approximately 18% of certain neurosurgical procedures result in complications such as infection and extrusions, while nearly 1 in 4 patients experience shunt disconnection and migration within the scalp, which can result in malfunction. This data suggest there is a significant unmet need for patients who undergo certain neurosurgical procedures.

About InvisiShunt®
The InvisiShunt® surgical implants are marketed as single-use sterile implants with various shapes and sizes for different areas of the craniofacial skeleton. Its applications include non-load bearing augmentation and/or reconstruction of the craniofacial skeleton. The InvisiShunt uses OmniPore®: a high-density polyethylene material. OmniPore has a long, safe history in craniofacial reconstruction and augmentation applications.

About Longeviti
Longeviti is a neuro-innovation company creating a platform for novel medical devices by utilizing the latest in advanced technology. Longeviti was founded by leading medical device industry executives, biomedical engineers, and multidisciplinary surgeons. Our team collaborates closely with industry and academia to bring promising neuro-therapies from the lab to the commercial market. For more information, visit, and connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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