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About Us

Longeviti was founded in 2016 by a team of leading medical device industry executives, neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, and biomedical engineers. Our team collaborates closely with industry and academia to develop and commercialize implantable neurosurgical devices.

Our Focus


Longeviti is a neurotechnology company with a focus on innovative surgical solutions for complex brain surgeries.

Our areas of expertise and continued focus include functional neurosurgery, neuroreconstruction, and neuroplastic surgery.

Product Portfolio


Longeviti has five product offerings – ClearFit, InvisiShunt, PEEK CCI, Porous CCI, and Custom Models. Both the ClearFit and the InvisiShunt use Longeviti’s patented Low-profile Intracranial Devices (L.I.D.) platform to fit into the curvature of a patient’s head. By using these implants, doctors can easily swap out implantable surgical devices rather than having to cut into a patient’s skull multiple times.


We are working with our partners to solve the issue of medicine delivery through the blood brain barrier. The L.I.D. Delivery Platform will allow for direct access to oncology medicines to tumor beds.


The novel L.I.D. Power Platform will allow for housing of advanced functional devices. These devices help diseases like Parkinsons, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, depression, and many more.


The Longeviti L.I.D. Critical Care Platform will help our partners house devices for stroke management, motor cortex stimulation, traumatic brain injury, Hydrocephalus, and more.

Our Awards

Coulter Translational Research Partnership (TP) Award in Biomedical Engineering

In 2016, Longeviti partnered with Johns Hopkins to receive the 2016 Coulter Translational Research award for the ground-breaking research underway on and around our L.I.D. platform. This platform was invented to address a growing unmet clinical need for patients receiving complex brain surgeries. The L.I.D. platform has already led to two recently commercialized and FDA-cleared neuro surgical implants – the ClearFit and the InvisiShunt (both Launched Q3 2018).


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